Your support will go directly into launching the satellite along with the technology developed by McMaster students into space.

You can make a donation (of any size!) by clicking the button below, which leads to an official McMaster University fundraising page. Donations are eligible for a tax receipt.

McMaster NEUDOSE is a group of McMaster University students that is currently designing, constructing, and planning to launch a small satellite into low earth orbit in order to study the effects of ionizing radiation on the human body. This small satellite is 10cmx10cmx30cm, about the size of a loaf of bread!

This project is led by Dr. Andrei Hanu, a McMaster Science undergraduate and Radiation Sciences graduate alumnus, who is currently working at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center and is being supported by Dr. Soo Hyun Byun of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at McMaster.

The project is offering McMaster students a learning opportunity unique in Canada. NEUDOSE gives McMaster students an opportunity to enhance their academic experiences through experiential learning: we are building a satellite! 

This is truly an enriching educational experience. The students on our team are actively participating in every step of the process, from designing, modelling through to launch. We have support to take the project through to satellite construction, but we need financial support to launch the NEUDOSE satellite. 

Your support will go directly into launching the space satellite and technology designed by McMaster students into space. Please help us get this project off the ground!