The McMaster NEUDOSE Team



Our team is composed of students from the Faculties of Science and Engineering at McMaster University, spanning from Levels II to V. The students have very broad areas of study ranging from Medical Physics, to Electrical Engineering to Mechatronics and many more! Each student brings their own unique skillset to the team. All members of the McMaster NEUDOSE project are a part of one of the nine integral teams that all contribute to the satellite in a vital way.





    dr. Andrei Hanu

    Position: Principal Investigator

    Institution: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center

    Contact: and

    Areas of Research:

    • CubeSats for space radiation dosimetry and particle tracking
    • Position sensitive radiation dosimeters for future deep space missions
    • Micro-pattern gas detectors for low mass space telescopes, particle tracking, medical imaging, and radiation dosimetry

    Motivation: Space exploration is an ongoing adventure that captivates our imagination resulting in scientific and technological breakthroughs that benefit all of humanity. Currently, space programmes are shifting from government-driven strategies to commercial-driven initiatives with a common long term goal of sending humans to Mars and beyond. This means access to space is becoming cheaper and more frequent. However, one the biggest threats to any manned space exploration mission remains the harsh radiation environment and its health effects on astronauts. The NEUDOSE mission concept grew out of the need to developed advanced radiation dosimeters that lower the risk of deep space mission by providing superior radiation exposure monitoring. McMaster University is one of the world’s foremost institutions on health effects from radiation exposure and is ideally suited to address this challenge. NEUDOSE is the first of many CubeSat missions from McMaster University that will test advanced radiation monitoring technologies and train the next generation of Canadian scientists. This is a good time to like space!


    Dr. Soo Hyun Byun

    Position: Co-Investigator

    Institution: McMaster University - Department of Physics & Astronomy


    Website: McMaster University Faculty Page

    • Accelerator neutron source and neutron spectrometry - Development of a pulsed neutron source, Monte Carlo modeling of neutron detector responses, Digital pulse shape analysis and unfolding algorithm, High resolution 3He neutron ion chamber development, Advanced neutron long counter development
    • Advanced gaseous detector development - THick Gas Electron Multiplier (THGEM) detector fabrication study, THGEM imaging detector development, THGEM 2-D microdosimetric detector development, THGEM multi-element microdosimetric detector development, THGEM tritium detector development  
    • Digital neutron imaging - Neutron converter optimization study, THGEM neutron imaging detector development, Digital 2-D position readout and signal processing development
    • Microdosimetry - Application to mixed neutron-gamma ray field dosimetry, Monte Carlo modelling for microdosimetric response , Advanced microdosimetric detector developments towards enhanced response and efficiency 
    • Ultra low-level radioactivity measurement  - Digital coincidence gamma-ray spectrometer development, Ultra low-level 60Co analysis, 226Ra in vivo analysis for live fish 

    Dr. Stanley Hunter

    Position: Co-Investigator

    Institution: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center


    Management Team



    Position: Project Manager & Web Master

    Area of Study: PhD Student - Radiation Sciences (Medical Physics)

    Member Since:  January 2015

    Science/Engineering Interests: Compositional imaging of cancerous tissues using X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) and Energy Dispersive X-Ray Diffraction (EDXRD), Measuring Iron in the skin using XRF as a surrogate marker for total body iron burden for diseases such as Beta Thalassemia

    Motivation: Space travel is a growing field of research, and with the upcoming interest in human missions to Mars, the implications of this activity to human health must be known. As a student in medical physics, I've always had an interest in how radiation is utilized in medical practices and its effects on the human body. This new project combines my interests in dosimetry and health studies in one unique project!




    Position: Systems Engineering Specialist

    Area of Study: Radiation Sciences (Medical Physics) PhD Graduate

    Member Since:  January 2015

    Science/Engineering Interests: My interests include detection of trace elements using Polarized Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence (Polarized EDXRF), compositional analysis of tissue samples using Energy Dispersive X-Ray Diffraction (EDXRD), and  designing and building a combination polarized EDXRF and EDXRD system for classifying diseased tissues. Other interests include radiation detector instrumentation design, machine learning for physics applications, and medical equipment design.

    Motivation: I have always had an interest in space exploration and with recent developments trending towards the commercialization of space, the field is rapidly growing. I find the design constraints on engineering a space ready system intriguing, and I enjoy the challenge they provide. 


    Attitude Determination & Control System


    Position: Attitude Control Specialist & Electrical Power Specialist, Team Leader

    Area of Study: Level V Engineering Physics & Management

    Member Since:  January 2015

    Science/Engineering Interests: I'm interested in research in current fronts of physics to further advance our understanding of the universe in order to better society. Specifically I hope to specialize in nuclear physics, focusing on the future in fusion processes as well as solar power technology. With any hope I can work on future solar technologies that will have increased efficiencies, making a sustainable world more attainable.

    Motivation: My very first interests in science and engineering were sparked by the cosmos and space exploration. I joined NEUDOSE so I could drive my passions in order to assist the team gather information which could further advance the frontier. Getting my hands on an electrical system this early in my education is a great opportunity to learn more about solar power as well as integrated sciences that are applicative in the industry as well as the research sector.


    liam flannigan

    Position: Determination Specialist

    Area of Study: Level IV Engineering Physics

    Member Since:  May 2017

    Science/Engineering Interests: I am interested in researching bio-compatible robotic prosthetics using my knowledge of nano and micro device fabrication and machine learning. I am also interested in the practical applications of machine learning in physics, as I feel this is an area of study that holds much potential for solving complex physical problems.

    Motivation: I've always admired engineers and scientists who work on space related research, as many technological advancements we use every day can be traced back to a space program that built it first. Additionally, one of my personal motivators for studying Engineering Physics in the first place was Carl Sagan. His Cosmos series inspired me to pursue some kind of study of how the universe works, and I arrived at physics as the best option for me. As a result, I felt it only made sense to work on a satellite as a small tribute to the man who got me started in science in the first place.


    Command & Data Handling Team

    James Warburton

    Position: Embedded Systems Design Engineer, Team Leader

    Area of Study: Level III Electrical Engineering

    Member Since: October 2016

    Science/Engineering Interests: On the general side, I hold a deep appreciation for the “big” questions that science and math address via experimental facilities such as the LHC. However, it is my prerogative as an engineer to realize these nouveaux ideas and implement them in a more practical sense and application. More specifically, I am very interested in machine learning and optimization for big data as well as making strides in the fields of process driven refinement and error correction. Using these ideas I hope to create and use technologies that make everyday life both easier and more enriching for society as a whole.

    Motivation: I came into this project with a very astute awareness of the challenges that the future of human space exploration presents. The necessity to push the limits of our technical capabilities whilst also making the long term benefits of these endeavours accessible to larger populations is at the core of every aspect of space exploration and research. I am honored to be a part of the McMaster NEUDOSE team, which I am sure will continue to fan the flames of an ever-growing fire and imagination for space exploration, whilst helping me learn and grow as an engineer.

    John Barberiz

    Position: Embedded Systems Design Engineer

    Area of Study: Electrical Engineering Graduate

    Member Since:  January 2015

    Science/Engineering Interests: Control systems, teleoperation control, robotics, embedded systems, design optimization and avionics in general.  During the summer of 2014 I worked as a Research Assistant and have continued to volunteer up until the present time. During that time I was involved in the Aerial Robotics Project and the Adaptive Energy Management Systems Project. The scope of the A-EMS project is to create a system that can control micro grids in a more efficient manner by optimizing renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power (a smart micro grid). The purpose of the Aerial Robotics Project is to interface an aerial and land based robot which will work as one unit or separately.

    Motivation: A few years ago I hit a crossroads in my life; whether to continue the path I chose in the construction field as a construction technician and perhaps pursue becoming a Civil Engineer. However, instead I chose to pursue an education at McMaster University and study Electrical Engineering. My motivation for choosing to pursue a Bachelors of Engineering was my dream to work in the aerospace industry, specifically avionics. That dream has not subsided in the slightest, in fact I am more motivated now than ever. I hope to pursue my research interests by continuing my education through graduate studies at an ivy league school such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology or Stanford University.

    Spencer Deevy

    Position: Embedded Systems Design Engineer, Software Lead

    Area of Study: Master's Student - Software Engineering

    Member Since:  September 2015

    Science/Engineering Interests: Fault-tolerant safety-critical systems; Self-monitoring/self-repairing software; Brain-computer interfacing; Neural networks, with a focus on brain mapping; Environmental control systems and life-support systems.

    Motivation: I joined the NEUDOSE team to help develop space technology that may one day help protect people in outer space from radiation, as longer duration missions will have considerably higher radiation levels than experienced in LEO. In addition to this, I joined to work alongside a group of highly motivated individuals, of whom I could share my passion for space exploration technology.


    Akiv Jhirad

    Position: Embedded Systems Design Engineer, Hardware Lead

    Area of Study: Master's Student - Biomedical Engineering

    Member Since:  August 2015

    Science/Engineering Interests: My primary interests lie in image and signal processing, as well as hardware design for biomedical applications. Recently, in my spare time, I have indulged in machine learning to figure out the steps after processing that can assist in the biomedical field (eg: pathological classification using images from Magnetic Resonance Imaging, ultrasound, etc.). My studies at McMaster University have exposed me to different areas of engineering resulting in my acquired interest of control systems applications in robotics. Finally, since high school I have kept up with recent breakthroughs in particle physics through reading scientific journals.

    Motivation: During the summer months of my undergrad, I spent a significant amount of time applying my knowledge of control systems and microcontroller programming to DIY projects. When I came across the opportunity to design hardware for a CubeSat, I realized it would be a great way to use my academic skills, such as circuit design, in a significant, real world application, which is what I have been striving for every summer. I can already tell my knowledge and understanding of hardware design has improved since joining the team. I believe these skills will be essential when I go forth with designing my own biomedical devices.



    christopher cabral

    Position: Embedded Systems Design Engineer & NEUDOSE Scribe

    Area of Study: Level III Electrical Engineering Co-op

    Member Since:  October 2016

    Science/Engineering Interests: Exposure to research in molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry sparked my passion for extracting meaningful information from unstructured data. I am fascinated by the Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Computer Vision, and Data Analytics applied to engineering problems and novel scientific questions. 
    Understanding how to leverage High Performance Computing, Computer Networking, Virtualization, Software Defined Networks, and Automation of complex processes to make advancements for the betterment of society. Combined with my scientific background, I am interested in tackling real-world problems, from fields ranging from: IoT, Embedded Systems, AI (Self-healing networks, autonomous vehicles), Bioinformatics, Software Development, Control Systems, and Predictive Analysis applied to engineering and business solutions. I enjoy learning how to develop precise, robust, low-cost technologies (things that do MORE with LESS) that push the boundaries of what is possible and ultimately benefit society.  

    Motivation: Life in the long run is more than ”just” solving problems. Whether it be monumental goals, burning questions, or vision for the future that drives us to get out of bed every morning. This allows us to take risks, delve into the unknown, and have the courage to be persistent when faced with difficult novel problems. One of these fields is space exploration, which not only continues to inspire humanity but in the processes has benefitted humanity greatly in its yielding of technological and scientific discoveries. Having been a huge supporter of increasing funding for space exploration, and encouraged by commercial companies taking up the charge to innovate in space travel, I could not have asked for a better opportunity than McMaster NEUDOSE! The team offers fantastic design and engineering experience, and I am honoured to contribute to the cause.



    Will Donaldson

    Position: Junior Firmware Developer

    Area of Study: Level II Software Engineering & Management

    Member Since: September 2017

    Science/Engineering Interests: I am very interested in the advancement of science and technology, and the opportunity it presents to work on exciting cutting edge projects. I am mostly interested in the technology of computers, specifically software. I enjoy working with computer software and seeing my work come together in a finished product.

    Motivation: I am interested in space and the future of space travel. The opportunity to be part of a team working on a satellite will be a good way to apply my learning to a tangible project and gain valuable skills, while working on something that I will enjoy being a part of.


    Hira Nadeem

    Position: Junior Firmware Developer

    Area of Study: Level III Electrical Engineering

    Member Since: May 2017

    Science/Engineering Interests: My interests lie in space exploration, and the seamless integration of technology to better every day life. I hope to work in the space sector to allow us to explore our cosmos and better understand our place in space.

    Motivation: The stars have always been a great mystery to me, one that brings about feelings of grave fear and intense happiness. I decided from a young age, I wanted to explore the stars rather than hide from them. Instead of dreaming of becoming an astronaut (since heights are one fear I cannot overcome), I dream to develop and work on space missions to further human reach into space. McMaster NEUDOSE offers the unique opportunity to be a member of a team of students working to send an instrument into space and contribute to scientific research.  


    Liubov trofimova

    Position: Junior Hardware Developer

    Area of Study: Level II Electrical Engineering

    Member Since: May 2017

    Science/Engineering Interests: Space Exploration, Hardware Design, Space Technology 

    Motivation: NEUDOSE is a great opportunity to further help humanity's quest for space exploration. I am excited to work in a team with an incredible goal and apply my knowledge and gain new skills, which in turn, will help me grow as an engineer.


    Communications Team


    Position: Communications Specialist, Team Leader

    Area of Study: Electrical & Biomedical Engineering Graduate

    Member Since:  January 2015

    Science/Engineering Interests:  Sheaf/motivic cohomologies to develop a canonical product of categories over Turing machines, dependently typed Lisp on ARM microcontrollers

    Motivation: The NEUDOSE project offers an amazing opportunity to contribute to space exploration and space research. The team also offers engineering perspective and design experience for a future career.


    TRENT Dunford

    Position: Junior Communications Specialist

    Area of Study: Level II Computer Engineering Co-op

    Member Since:  September 2017

    Science/Engineering Interests: My interests include space technology and research, as well as developing and designing effective, low-cost technical systems. 

    Motivation: I enjoy solving complex problems, and NEUDOSE is a great opportunity to solve real problems faced in designing space technology. The NEUDOSE team is composed of smart, driven students that will help further my knowledge of science and technology. 



    Aaron pitcher

    Position: Antenna and Communications Specialist

    Area of Study: Master's Student - Microwave Engineering

    Member Since:  September 2016

    Science/Engineering Interests: Microwave and millimeter wave hardware design for detection radar and imaging.  Primarily interested in pulse radar systems and frequency sweep radar systems used in concealed weapons detection, non-destructive testing and human tissue imaging.  Also interested in RF Antenna design and communication systems.

    Motivation: Science, engineering and the desire to create/do the unthinkable have been the driving factors behind my studies.  The hope is that one day I will contribute to the frontier of deep space exploration and better humanity in the process.  The NEUDOSE team at McMaster provides a great opportunity to apply my research knowledge and contribute to the engineering community, while also providing valuable experiences, playing a critical part in my development as an engineer. 



    Daniel tajik

    Position: Antenna and Communications Specialist

    Area of Study: Master's Student - Electrical and Computer Engineering

    Member Since:  February 2017

    Science/Engineering Interests: Antenna Design, Microwave imaging

    Motivation: Trying to communicate with a small metal box 1000 km up in the sky with a shoestring budget is a challenge that interests me.


    Electrical Power System


    Position: Electrical Power Specialist, Team Leader

    Area of Study: Level V Engineering Physics & Society, minor in Astronomy

    Member Since:  January 2015

    Science/Engineering Interests: Research and implementation of alternative power sources, such as solar. I intended to pursue a career in developing power systems for future space missions.

    Motivation: I joined NEUDOSE to gain insight into the space technology field and to help pioneer a new group at McMaster. It is an amazing opportunity to be able to build a space satellite while doing my undergraduate degree. Furthermore, the realization that the research we will be conducting with this project may one day benefit people travelling to space is absolutely amazing.


    matthew speciale

    Position: Junior Solar Systems Specialist

    Area of Study: Level II Integrated Science

    Member Since:  May 2017

    Science/Engineering Interests: I have an interest in different aspects of every science, which is why I applied to integrated sciences. As of now, I don't really have a particular preference for any specific area of science, they all resonate with me in a different way. In addition, I find it interesting to apply learned concepts to real world applications.

    Motivation: Space has always fascinated me. I first heard about NEUDOSE in October of 2016 when Erica and Eric gave a presentation to the iSci class of 2020. I found it inspiring how a team of undergraduate students would be able to accomplish something so amazin, and I knew it was something I wanted to be apart of. I knew that hard work and dedication would be involved, but I'm always up for a challenge, and I was sure that I'd enjoy the process just as much as the end result.


    Amanda Thomas

    Position: Junior Electrical Power Specialist

    Area of Study: Level V Electrical Engineering

    Member Since:  September 2017

    Science/Engineering Interests: Photonic Devices, Power Electronics, Robotics, Control Systems, Microwave Engineering, Computer Programming, Space Exploration.

    Motivation: Up until this point I felt as though I hadn't really applied my engineering skills to any sort of meaningful project, so when I head about the McMaster NEUDOSE mission I was excited at the prospect of being able to combine all of my favourite aspects of my undergraduate degree to make a meaningful contribution to space exploration. McMaster NEUDOSE brings about a plethora of interesting challenges that I am excited to help take on. It is a unique opportunity to be a part of something that has never been done at McMaster before and to be a part of something that may advance our knowledge of space.


    Groundstation Team


    Anthony mansour

    Position: Ground Station Specialist, Co-Team Leader

    Area of Study: Level IV Process Automation

    Member Since:  January 2017

    Science/Engineering Interests: Process Automation, Machine Learning, Computer Programming, Robotics, Space Exploration, Radio Communication

    Motivation: Ever since I was a kid thrilled by Rubik's cubes, I loved the concept of consistent and efficient algorithms. Nowadays I strive to create the leanest procedure for every repeatable task in my daily life, such as the quickest method to spread peanut butter while maintaining an even surface coverage or the most efficient shoelace tying algorithm. This eventually translated into a passion for physical and digital robots, or pretty much anything that can repeat a process autonomously. So naturally, I was ecstatic when I heard that McMaster NEUDOSE needed a fully autonomous satellite communication ground station that would track and follow satellites across the sky as well as pass data back and forth. It's also such a unique and exciting opportunity to be working in the field of outer space and hopefully one day I'll get to ride a Dragon to Mars.




    Position: Groundstation Specialist & ADCS Control Systems Specialist, Co-Team Leader

    Area of Study: Level IV Engineering Physics

    Member Since:  September 2016

    Science/Engineering Interests: It's fascinating to look at the deeper meaning as to why thing are they way they are in the physical world. With that said, I'm interested in the fields of Quantum Physics/ Quantum Computing, Radiation Sciences, Biomedical Engineering, Optics, Control Systems, Space, and much more. 

    Motivation: The opportunity to combine my interests of Radiation Sciences and Space was an opportunity I could not pass up on. The NEUDOSE mission is an ambitious, but important project to be tackling. I am motivated to contribute to the team and push the limits of what we know as a society about space and space exploration.what we know as a society about space and space exploration.


    Instrument Team

    Kyle Jackson

    Position: Junior Instrument Specialist

    Area of Study: Level II Life Sciences, Origins of Diseases 

    Member Since:  May 2017

    Science/Engineering Interests:  I am interested in biology - specifically, human anatomy and human pathology. More recently, I have discovered the fields of medical physics and Nuclear medicine. They represent important aspects of modern medicine and illustrate key applications of the understanding of how particles interact with human tissue. 

    Motivation: I joined the team because of my deep fascination for, and love of, space. Growing up, I always enjoyed science fiction and the idea of space exploration. I've long wanted to contribute to Canada's space initiative and this team affords me the opportunity to do just that.



    Bhavesh kakwani

    Position: Data Acquisition Electronics Specialist

    Area of Study: Electrical & Biomedical Engineering Graduate

    Member Since:  October 2015

    Science/Engineering Interests:  Space-grade electronics, Embedded systems, Control systems, Wearables

    Motivation: My love for space was ignited as a child when I read an encyclopedia describing satellites, the planets of the solar system, and our galaxy. I am taken aback by the immensity of the cosmos when I stargaze at night, and I cried tears of joy as I watched the Falcon 9's first successful first-stage landing. We must venture out into the universe and explore and learn: that is the ultimate goal! And when I found out that our university is going to launch a satellite to help fulfill that very goal, I signed up immediately!



    alex melnichuk

    Position: Instrument ACD Specialist & Electrical Power Specialist

    Area of Study: Level IV Electrical Engineering

    Member Since:  July 2015

    Science/Engineering Interests:  I love learning new things about the world we live in and help develop technologies that better our everyday lives. I have a particular interest in astronautics and the way that electrical and computer engineering could further advance human's ability to explore our solar system.

    Motivation: NEUDOSE is a fantastic opportunity for me to explore my passion for all things space. Being a part of a team that could help future space missions (of which I could possibly be an astronaut on) is incredibly exciting.



    Chelsea Urquico

    Position: TEPC Digital Electronics Specialist

    Area of Study: Electrical & Biomedical Engineering Graduate

    Member Since:  October 2016

    Science/Engineering Interests: Electrical hardware design, IoT integration, biomedical instrumentation

    Motivation: Biomedical engineering is all about designing better methods for examining and improving healthcare and the study of human health, and what cooler application is there than being a part of designing an instrument to do just that! NEUDOSE provides an awesome opportunity to learn more about hardware, software and firmware design and apply these skills towards a unique problem, and I'm excited and thankful to be a part of the process!

    Mechanical Structure Team


    Position: Mechanical Specialist & Payload Support, Team Leader

    Area of Study: Level V Mechanical Engineering

    Member Since:  January 2015

    Science/Engineering Interests: Space mechanics and exploration, astronomy, programming, the union of mechanical systems and electrical engineering, renewable energies, racecar/vehicle dynamics and fitness (need to stay fit if I am going to be the next Canadian to go to space!!)

    Motivation: Working towards a career in space technology has to start somewhere… and what better place than at university with a team of fellow science/engineering students who share both a common passion and goal. Along with being an absolutely fascinating area of work, space poses some of the greatest technological challenges that we face today. I would love for one day to be able to apply what I learn here in my undergraduate degree to overcome these challenges and push farther into the final frontier.




    Position: Mechanical Specialist & Payload Specialist

    Area of Study: Level IV Automotive & Vehicle Technology

    Member Since:  January 2015

    Science/Engineering Interests: I enjoy anything having to do with macrophysics. I think it’s an incredible area of study and it holds the answers to almost any questions humans can have about our origins and the universe we live in. I also enjoy researching and learning new hybrid technologies for vehicles and how they are designed and implemented. 

    Motivation: When Andrei first mentioned the possibility of there being a CubeSat Team at McMaster, I knew that it would not only be an amazing learning experience, but also a revolutionary accomplishment being McMaster's first ever launched satellite with the possibilities of other similar projects and opportunities for the future. I am on the team to help to the best of my ability and to learn from all the experienced students that are a part of the team. It is a very welcoming group of people, and just great to be a part of.


    Michael stramenga

    Position: Mechanical Specialist & Payload Support

    Area of Study: Level III Mechanical Engineering & Management

    Member Since:  September 2016

    Science/Engineering Interests:  Human Spaceflight, Space Robotics, Propulsion Systems, Space Exploration, Finite Element Analysis, Integration of Hardware and Software, Fluid Dynamics

    Motivation: I find the physical exploration of space to be absolutely fascinating. We are constantly pushing the boundaries by venturing deeper into our solar system, unlocking its mysteries along the way. In this effort, we have made a commitment to send humans far beyond the reaches of Earth, but are limited due to the increased exposures to harmful radiation. Being a part of NEUDOSE is the perfect opportunity for me as I am able to learn more about this interesting challenge, as well as obtain hands on experience in the development of satellites. This project is an excellent stepping stone in my pursuit of a career in the space industry.


    LUIS Tallavo

    Position: Junior Mechanical Specialist

    Area of Study: Level II Mechanical Engineering

    Member Since:  September 2017

    Science/Engineering Interests:  Design and Analysis of Mechanical Systems, Dynamics, Manufacturing, Robotics, Space Exploration, Aerospace Engineering. Particularly interested in the integration of mechanical components with software and electrical engineering which I believe will be at the forefront of emerging technologies!

    Motivation: When I first heard of NEUDOSE, a community of extremely talented engineering and science students who share a common passion for space exploration and technology, I knew I had to join the team. NEUDOSE provides the perfect combination of hands-on experience as well as a welcoming environment where you can learn from other talented engineering and science students. I hope to contribute to the team in any way that I can and take my first steps into a fulfilling career in space technology. It is a great honour to have the opportunity to work on McMaster's first-ever satellite to launch into orbit!



    Orbital Team



    Position: Orbital Analysis Specialist, Team Leader

    Area of Study: Master's Student - Engineering Physics

    Member Since:  January 2015

    Science/Engineering Interests: Research and hope for potential PhD in Consciousness' affect on the release of bio-photons, and its link to crystallography. Growing up in a world surrounded by rapidly growing technology makes me weary for the future. By placing myself in the middle of this growth, and hopefully being a driving force of the direction the growth takes, I hope to pave a better path for humanity as we shift into this new paradigm of science.

    Motivation: Being a member of the NEUDOSE team here at Mac does not only allow me to get a foot in door in the world of engineering and integrated science, but also allows me to explore my interests in this field, and apply knowledge in a meaningful way that I've never yet done. Be the change you want to see in the world. I plan to start early, and by attempting a never before done project here at Mac I see a great opportunity to lead me into the real world, and put McMaster on the map, even more than it already is.


    Sebastian simic

    Position: Orbital Simulation Specialist

    Area of Study: Level II Chemical Engineering

    Member Since:  September 2017

    Science/Engineering Interests: I’m interested in space exploration and increasing our knowledge of the vast universe our tiny planet is in. I am also interested in improving our sustainable energy situation and hope to graduate and enter this field of work.

    Motivation: By being a part of the NEUDOSE team, I am able to actively apply my understanding of general physics and science towards something that can help us better understand radiation effects on the human body. 


    Thermal Team


    Ben Dyer

    Position: Thermal Specialist, Team Leader

    Area of Study: Level IV Physics, minor in Math and Music

    Member Since: August 2016

    Science/Engineering Interests: Research of computational fluid dynamics and thermodynamics. I am particularly interested in the fluid dynamics of rocket nozzles, and intend to pursue a masters in the field.

    Motivation: I love space, and the idea of putting something in space is really exciting. I joined NEUDOSE for the opportunity to help design and build a satellite that would go to space, and to be a part of research that could aid in the exploration of space. Also, it is a fantastic opportunity to be a part of this project as an undergrad, to gain experience in the field I wish to eventually work in.


    Dana murdoch

    Position: Thermal Specialist

    Area of Study: Level V Physics, minor in Geography and Earth Sciences

    Member Since: May 2017

    Science/Engineering Interests: I have many interests which, within science at least, can be narrowed down to astrophysics, computational physics, and geography and earth sciences. I am doing my senior thesis in a computational astrophysics topic and in the future would like to  do research involving planetary geology and/or computational astrophysics.

    Motivation: I am excited to have the opportunity to participate in a more practical engineering-based project, since often in physics we get caught up in the theory. I am also always excited for new experiences, and the thermal team and NEUDOSE in general is a great opportunity for me to do computational work and to learn new things from the other teams. Also, space is cool.

    Alumni Members


    Position: Electrical Power Specialist

    Member:  January 2015 - May 2016


    Position: Attitude Control Specialist

    Member:  January 2015 - September 2015


    Position: Satellite Structure Specialist

    Member:  June 2015 - May 2016 


    Position: Director of External Affairs

    Member:  January 2015 - October 2015


    Position: TEPC Mechanical Specialist

    Member:  January 2015 - May 2016

    Richard Garnett

    Position: TEPC and Scintillation Specialist

    Member:  June 2015 - September 2016


    Position: Air Bearing Testbed Testing

    Member:  January 2015 - December 2016

    Vanessa kang

    Position: Groundstation Specialist

    Member:  January 2015 - October 2016


    Position: TEPC Electronics Specialist

    Member:  June 2015 - May 2016


    Position: Electrical Power Specialist

    Member:  January 2015 - August 2015


    Position: Embedded Systems Engineer

    Member:  January 2015 - August 2015


    Position: ACD Specialist

    Member Since:  January 2015 - May 2016


    Position: Satellite Structure Specialist

    Member:  January 2015 - May 2015


    Position: TEPC Development Specialist

    Member:  January 2015 - January 2016


    Position: Communications Specialist

    Member:  January 2015 - December 2015