Thermal Team


Ben Dyer

Position: Thermal Specialist, Team Leader

Area of Study: Level IV Physics, minor in Math and Music

Member Since: August 2016

Science/Engineering Interests: Research of computational fluid dynamics and thermodynamics. I am particularly interested in the fluid dynamics of rocket nozzles, and intend to pursue a masters in the field.

Motivation: I love space, and the idea of putting something in space is really exciting. I joined NEUDOSE for the opportunity to help design and build a satellite that would go to space, and to be a part of research that could aid in the exploration of space. Also, it is a fantastic opportunity to be a part of this project as an undergrad, to gain experience in the field I wish to eventually work in.


Dana murdoch

Position: Thermal Specialist

Area of Study: Level V Physics, minor in Geography and Earth Sciences

Member Since: May 2017

Science/Engineering Interests: I have many interests which, within science at least, can be narrowed down to astrophysics, computational physics, and geography and earth sciences. I am doing my senior thesis in a computational astrophysics topic and in the future would like to  do research involving planetary geology and/or computational astrophysics.

Motivation: I am excited to have the opportunity to participate in a more practical engineering-based project, since often in physics we get caught up in the theory. I am also always excited for new experiences, and the thermal team and NEUDOSE in general is a great opportunity for me to do computational work and to learn new things from the other teams. Also, space is cool.