Recruitment for the McMaster Interdisciplinary Satellite Team (MIST) will occur in 4 steps:

  1. Pre-Application - A list of positions/tasks the team is recruiting for is provided in the following section. Please review the list to see which positions/tasks are of interest to you.
  2. Application Submission - Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page. This form allows the team to learn more about your skills and experiences. It is of utter importance to MIST that all members maintain their academic standards. So, please note that an unofficial transcript is requested at the time of application. Although not required for all positions/tasks, applicants are encouraged to submit a portfolio with past work/relevant projects.
  3. Application Review - Following submission, MIST will review applications. Applicants of interest will be invited to attend a team meeting to assess compatibility for the team.
  4. Applicant Acceptance - Successful applicants will be notified via email and given a time period to accept the offer.

the following teams are currently recruiting members to start in may for:

Attitude Determination Team

  • Attitude Test Bed Designer
    • Student with experience in electrical design (analog & digital) and programming (Python, MATLAB, C, etc)
    • Background in control systems and micro-controller interfacing is an asset
    • Design, construction, and interface of the attitude testing bed electronics. Examples include: the Helmholtz cage used for creating a tunable magnetic field in 3-space; reaction wheel systems used for counteracting DUT moment of inertia; sensors used for feedback control
    • Work with the senior attitude test bed designer to integrate mechanical bed with electronics and eventually design the interface for control during testing

Command & Data Handling Team

  • Hardware Design Specialist (Flight Computer)
    • Student with a background in circuits, IC and ASIC experience, microprocessors, embedded systems
    • Interest in researching, designing, testing circuits for space flight hardware
    • Specific interest in Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design and manufacture
    • Understanding of basic digital logic is required
    • Understanding of basic analog circuitry is required
    • Experience with C and other OOLs is an asset

Management Team

  • Multimedia specialist
    • Curator of online presence through website/social media
    • Creator of digital media and other content for website/social media
    • Multimedia experience required; videography, photography, and graphic design experience is an asset
    • Please submit a portfolio with application

Communications Team

  • Communications Designer
    • Entry-level position aiding in documentation, design meetings, design practices for RF and electromagnetic systems. 
    • Building the knowledge required to take part in hardware/software design mentored by an upper year student
    • Assist in development documentation and organization while learning about the current design challenges of our subsystem
    • Applicant must be motivated, self-driven and hardworking, someone that is interested in being apart of the team for the duration of their degree
  • Specialist/Embedded Systems Specialist
    • Develop the software and firmware required for the control of our communication ground station system
    • Collaborate with other teams to integrate the ground station with other systems
    • Experience with Linux and Python is required
    • Programming of a software defined radio (SDR) through open third party software such as Gnuradio, FPGA experience, and software control systems are assets
  • Ground Station RF Specialist
    • In charge of organizing and purchasing the required components for our ground station, along with manufacturing, assembling and testing to facilitate the hardware realization of our ground station
    • Collaborate with other team members to establish a communcation link with the radios and RF equipment (antenna, power amplifiers, low noise amplifiers (LNAs), cables, etc.).
    • Experience with electromagnetics and radio frequency (RF) design is a requirement

Mission Operations Control Team

  • Radiofrequency Specialist
    • Collaboration with Communications team to implement full communications links between the satellite and groundstation
    • Manage operations of RF link to remotely operated UHF and VHF antennas
    • Configure and complete pre-flight tests on the spacecraft and ground transceivers
    • Experience with RF communication components is required
  • Mission Operations Control Software Specialist
    • Lead the development of a web based Mission Operations & Control (MOC) interface for the NEUDOSE CubeSat
    • A good theoretical and/or practical understanding of satellite concept of operations is an asset
    • Understanding of network infrastructures and data routing is an asset
    • Experience with developing web applications, databases, Node.js, PHP, and distributed cloud hosting is an asset

Mechanical Team

  • Mechanical Design Specialist
    • Knowledge in one or more of the following areas: mechanical design, computer aided design (CAD) and mechanical analysis tools (FEA)
    • Experience with mid-level CAD tools (ie: SolidWorks, NX) an asset
    • General knowledge of applicable manufacturing standards/practices in mechanical design
    • Good verbal and written communications skills with ability to work in a team environmen
    • Must be willing to commit time throughout summer and school months


Please submit the following application. Applications are due Monday, May 21st at 11:59pm.

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