Recruitment for NEUDOSE will commence three times per year: January, May, and September. Applicants are able to submit applications throughout the year, but they will only be reviewed every 4 months. Recruitment will occur in 4 steps:

  1. Pre-Application - A list of positions/tasks the team is recruiting for is provided in the following section. Please review the list to see which positions/tasks are of interest to you.
  2. Application Submission - Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page. This form allows the team to learn more about your skills and experiences. It is of utter importance to NEUDOSE that all members maintain their academic standards. So, please note that an unofficial transcript is requested at the time of application. Although not required for all positions/tasks, applicants are encouraged to submit a portfolio with past work/relevant projects.
  3. Application Review - Following submission, the NEUDOSE team will review applications. Applicants of interest will be invited to attend a team meeting to assess compatibility for the team.
  4. Applicant Acceptance - Successful applicants will be notified via email and given a time period to accept the offer.



Management team

  • Director of Operations
    • Leader for day-to-day operations of the team such as organizing/coordinating weekly meetings and documentation
    • Coordinates Skype calls with remote members
    • Liaise with new members to ensure smooth transition into the team
    • Good verbal and written communication skills are required

Electrical Power Team

  • Simulation Specialist
    • Position will include simulating the charge/discharge cycle of the batteries
    • Simulating startup and state changes of power switches
    • Experienced with developing simulations
    • Well versed with MATLAB and Python

Command & Data Handling

  • Embedded Systems/FPGA Specialist
    • Role will be to take a technical lead as it pertains to flight computer hardware integration and development
    • Need to be interested in hardware design and iteration, "low level" programming, interfacing protocol (I2C, SPI, etc.)
    • Interest in the interplay between hardware and the abstraction layers that build towards an application
    • Experience with FPGA/CPLD Hardware
    • Experience with VHDL/Verilog
    • Experience with microcontrollers
    • Completion of Eng. 3DQ5 is an asset


Payload Data and Systems Analysis

  • GUI Development Technician
  • Individual that will aid in the overall development of the satellite's GUI
  • Already familiar with, or is willing to learn, Python 3
  • Willing to understand how other subsystems work in order to better understand how the GUI may control or monitor those subsystems
  • Imaginative, creative, and is willing to design, or redesign, layouts of the GUI  

Communications team

  • Communications Team Member

    • Identify space-to-ground and ground-to-space licensing requirements

    • Responsible for continued development of the communications subsystem
    • Embedded/firmware development, programming microcontrollers in C
    • Understanding of the usage, design, and operation of radiofrequency integrated circuits
    • Assets: Schematic design capture using Altium or similar, experience in programming microcontrollers, in elec/comp/tron eng


Please submit the following application. Applications are due Tuesday, January 2nd at 11:59pm.

Name *
How long do you want to be a member of the team for? (Until graduation in 1 year, 4 month semester, etc.)
Software, multimedia, equipment, etc.
Hobbies, class projects, thesis/capstone, etc.
Please list positions/tasks of interest from the list in the previous section.
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