Recruitment Process: 

  1. Pre-Application - A list of positions/tasks the team is recruiting for is provided in the following section. Please review the list to see which positions/tasks are of interest to you.

  2. Application Submission - Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page. This form allows the team to learn more about your skills and experiences. In order to gain a better understanding of your experiences, we request a cover letter and Resume/CV. Although not required for all positions/tasks, applicants are encouraged to submit a portfolio with past work/relevant projects.

  3. Application Review - Following submission, MIST will review applications. Applicants of interest will be invited to attend an interview to assess compatibility for the team. Applicants may be required to submit an unofficial transcript upon request from the Principal Investigators for further assessment of candidacy.

  4. Applicant Acceptance - Successful applicants will be notified via email and given a time period to accept the offer.

Subteams currently recruiting:

CDH (Command + Data Handling)

Testing Documentation Specialist

  • Level 2+ student (or very strong Level 1 student) from engineering or science background

  • Interest in developing testing documents and procedures for hardware and software during the assembly, integration and testing phase of the project

  • Experience with organizing and creating scientific documentation

  • Experience working with hardware and/or software


Structural Specialist

(2 positions)

The Mechanical team is responsible for the design, manufacturing, and testing of the structure, which acts to enclose and protect the interior systems of our CubeSat. NEUDOSE is approaching the critical design phase of the project, where the CubeSat will go through a critical design review. The job of a structural specialist is to understand how the structure integrates with the rest of the systems and thus help with any troubleshooting and design changes that may be required. Structural specialists may also be required to assist with manufacturing and testing.

We are looking for people who will work effectively in a group as well as individually, who can independently seek solutions, and have the desire to drive this project to completion.

Main Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Implement structural design changes in SolidWorks

  • Research solutions for technical clashes between structure and other systems (communications, electrical power system, payload, etc..)

  • Assist with manufacturing and structural testing projects

  • Attend weekly meetings


Enrolled in Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, the Bachelor of Technology or have equivalent mechanical / CAD experience.


  • Experience with 3D CAD design

  • Previous mechanical design experience

  • Previous manufacturing or testing experience

Thermal Design Specialist

The main purpose of the Thermal Control team is to simulate the mechanisms of heat transfer that the satellite systems will experience in Low-Earth orbit and develop a thermal model to predict the temperature profile of the CubeSat’s structural and electrical components. Given these assessments, the appropriate solutions can be implemented to prevent failures. The job of the thermal design specialist is to collaborate with the thermal simulation specialists and develop the thermal control system. This is the means to controlling the temperature profile of the interior of the satellite.

We are looking for people who will work effectively in a group as well as individually, who can independently seek solutions, and have the desire to drive this project to completion.

Main Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with simulation specialists to identify areas of concern

  • Research and implement technical solutions to identified problem areas

  • Communicate and collaborate with subsystems to implement design changes or technical solutions

  • Attend weekly meetings


Enrolled in Engineering, Science, Integrated Science, Integrated Biomedical Engineering & Health Sciences or equivalent experience


  • Some experience with 3D CAD design

  • Understanding of electrical systems or integrated circuits

  • Knowledge of heat transfer and thermodynamics


Details coming soon