Mechanical Structure Team


Position: Mechanical Specialist & Payload Support, Team Leader

Area of Study: Level V Mechanical Engineering

Member Since:  January 2015

Science/Engineering Interests: Space mechanics and exploration, astronomy, programming, the union of mechanical systems and electrical engineering, renewable energies, racecar/vehicle dynamics and fitness (need to stay fit if I am going to be the next Canadian to go to space!!)

Motivation: Working towards a career in space technology has to start somewhere… and what better place than at university with a team of fellow science/engineering students who share both a common passion and goal. Along with being an absolutely fascinating area of work, space poses some of the greatest technological challenges that we face today. I would love for one day to be able to apply what I learn here in my undergraduate degree to overcome these challenges and push farther into the final frontier.




Position: Mechanical Specialist & Payload Specialist

Area of Study: Level IV Automotive & Vehicle Technology

Member Since:  January 2015

Science/Engineering Interests: I enjoy anything having to do with macrophysics. I think it’s an incredible area of study and it holds the answers to almost any questions humans can have about our origins and the universe we live in. I also enjoy researching and learning new hybrid technologies for vehicles and how they are designed and implemented. 

Motivation: When Andrei first mentioned the possibility of there being a CubeSat Team at McMaster, I knew that it would not only be an amazing learning experience, but also a revolutionary accomplishment being McMaster's first ever launched satellite with the possibilities of other similar projects and opportunities for the future. I am on the team to help to the best of my ability and to learn from all the experienced students that are a part of the team. It is a very welcoming group of people, and just great to be a part of.


Michael stramenga

Position: Mechanical Specialist & Payload Support

Area of Study: Level III Mechanical Engineering & Management

Member Since:  September 2016

Science/Engineering Interests:  Human Spaceflight, Space Robotics, Propulsion Systems, Space Exploration, Finite Element Analysis, Integration of Hardware and Software, Fluid Dynamics

Motivation: I find the physical exploration of space to be absolutely fascinating. We are constantly pushing the boundaries by venturing deeper into our solar system, unlocking its mysteries along the way. In this effort, we have made a commitment to send humans far beyond the reaches of Earth, but are limited due to the increased exposures to harmful radiation. Being a part of NEUDOSE is the perfect opportunity for me as I am able to learn more about this interesting challenge, as well as obtain hands on experience in the development of satellites. This project is an excellent stepping stone in my pursuit of a career in the space industry.