Electrical Power System



Position: Electrical Power Specialist, Team Leader
Area of Study: Level V Engineering Physics & Society, minor in Astronomy
Member Since:  January 2015
Science/Engineering Interests: Research and implementation of alternative power sources, such as solar. I intended to pursue a career in developing power systems for future space missions.
Motivation: I joined NEUDOSE to gain insight into the space technology field and to help pioneer a new group at McMaster. It is an amazing opportunity to be able to build a space satellite while doing my undergraduate degree. Furthermore, the realization that the research we will be conducting with this project may one day benefit people travelling to space is absolutely amazing.



Position: Junior Solar Systems Specialist
Area of Study: Level II Integrated Science
Member Since:  May 2017
Science/Engineering Interests: I have an interest in different aspects of every science, which is why I applied to integrated sciences. As of now, I don't really have a particular preference for any specific area of science, they all resonate with me in a different way. In addition, I find it interesting to apply learned concepts to real world applications.
Motivation: Space has always fascinated me. I first heard about NEUDOSE in October of 2016 when Erica and Eric gave a presentation to the iSci class of 2020. I found it inspiring how a team of undergraduate students would be able to accomplish something so amazin, and I knew it was something I wanted to be apart of. I knew that hard work and dedication would be involved, but I'm always up for a challenge, and I was sure that I'd enjoy the process just as much as the end result.

Instrument Team


Jordan Cowan

Position: TEPC Digital Electronics Specialist
Area of Study: Electrical & Biomedical Engineering Graduate
Member Since:  October 2016
Science/Engineering Interests:  Embedded systems design, computer vision, machine learning, control systems, advancements in aerospace and biomedical engineering
Motivation: When I heard about the team I knew immediately that it would lead to exciting challenges and opportunities. I was drawn to the team not only for the chance to contribute to a great project in a field of interest to me, but also because of the passion and drive of the team members. Tackling the problems of designing a space ready system with a group of brilliant students seemed like exactly the kind of team for me.



Position: Data Acquisition Electronics Specialist
Area of Study: Electrical & Biomedical Engineering Graduate
Member Since:  October 2015
Science/Engineering Interests:  Space-grade electronics, Embedded systems, Control systems, Wearables
Motivation: My love for space was ignited as a child when I read an encyclopedia describing satellites, the planets of the solar system, and our galaxy. I am taken aback by the immensity of the cosmos when I stargaze at night, and I cried tears of joy as I watched the Falcon 9's first successful first-stage landing. We must venture out into the universe and explore and learn: that is the ultimate goal! And when I found out that our university is going to launch a satellite to help fulfill that very goal, I signed up immediately!
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bhaveshkakwani/


Position: Instrument ACD Specialist & Electrical Power Specialist
Area of Study: Level IV Electrical Engineering
Member Since:  July 2015
Science/Engineering Interests:  I love learning new things about the world we live in and help develop technologies that better our everyday lives. I have a particular interest in astronautics and the way that electrical and computer engineering could further advance human's ability to explore our solar system.
Motivation: NEUDOSE is a fantastic opportunity for me to explore my passion for all things space. Being a part of a team that could help future space missions (of which I could possibly be an astronaut on) is incredibly exciting.
LinkedIn: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/alexmelnichuk



Position: TEPC Digital Electronics Specialist
Area of Study: Electrical & Biomedical Engineering Graduate
Member Since:  October 2016
Science/Engineering Interests: Electrical hardware design, IoT integration, biomedical instrumentation
Motivation: Biomedical engineering is all about designing better methods for examining and improving healthcare and the study of human health, and what cooler application is there than being a part of designing an instrument to do just that! NEUDOSE provides an awesome opportunity to learn more about hardware, software and firmware design and apply these skills towards a unique problem, and I'm excited and thankful to be a part of the process!

Mechanical Structure Team



Position: Mechanical Specialist & Payload Support, Team Leader
Area of Study: Level V Mechanical Engineering
Member Since:  January 2015
Science/Engineering Interests: Space mechanics and exploration, astronomy, programming, the union of mechanical systems and electrical engineering, renewable energies, racecar/vehicle dynamics and fitness (need to stay fit if I am going to be the next Canadian to go to space!!)
Motivation: Working towards a career in space technology has to start somewhere… and what better place than at university with a team of fellow science/engineering students who share both a common passion and goal. Along with being an absolutely fascinating area of work, space poses some of the greatest technological challenges that we face today. I would love for one day to be able to apply what I learn here in my undergraduate degree to overcome these challenges and push farther into the final frontier.
LinkedIn:  https://ca.linkedin.com/in/scottrp


Position: Mechanical Specialist & Payload Specialist
Area of Study: Level IV Automotive & Vehicle Technology
Member Since:  January 2015
Science/Engineering Interests: I enjoy anything having to do with macrophysics. I think it’s an incredible area of study and it holds the answers to almost any questions humans can have about our origins and the universe we live in. I also enjoy researching and learning new hybrid technologies for vehicles and how they are designed and implemented. 
Motivation: When Andrei first mentioned the possibility of there being a CubeSat Team at McMaster, I knew that it would not only be an amazing learning experience, but also a revolutionary accomplishment being McMaster's first ever launched satellite with the possibilities of other similar projects and opportunities for the future. I am on the team to help to the best of my ability and to learn from all the experienced students that are a part of the team. It is a very welcoming group of people, and just great to be a part of.



Position: Mechanical Specialist & Payload Support
Area of Study: Level III Mechanical Engineering & Management
Member Since:  September 2016
Science/Engineering Interests:  Human Spaceflight, Space Robotics, Propulsion Systems, Space Exploration, Finite Element Analysis, Integration of Hardware and Software, Fluid Dynamics
Motivation: I find the physical exploration of space to be absolutely fascinating. We are constantly pushing the boundaries by venturing deeper into our solar system, unlocking its mysteries along the way. In this effort, we have made a commitment to send humans far beyond the reaches of Earth, but are limited due to the increased exposures to harmful radiation. Being a part of NEUDOSE is the perfect opportunity for me as I am able to learn more about this interesting challenge, as well as obtain hands on experience in the development of satellites. This project is an excellent stepping stone in my pursuit of a career in the space industry.



Position: Junior Mechanical Specialist
Area of Study: Level II Mechanical Engineering
Member Since:  September 2017
Science/Engineering Interests:  Design and Analysis of Mechanical Systems, Dynamics, Manufacturing, Robotics, Space Exploration, Aerospace Engineering. Particularly interested in the integration of mechanical components with software and electrical engineering which I believe will be at the forefront of emerging technologies!
Motivation: When I first heard of NEUDOSE, a community of extremely talented engineering and science students who share a common passion for space exploration and technology, I knew I had to join the team. NEUDOSE provides the perfect combination of hands-on experience as well as a welcoming environment where you can learn from other talented engineering and science students. I hope to contribute to the team in any way that I can and take my first steps into a fulfilling career in space technology. It is a great honour to have the opportunity to work on McMaster's first-ever satellite to launch into orbit!
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/luistallavo

Orbital Team



Position: Orbital Simulation Specialist
Area of Study: Level II Chemical Engineering
Member Since:  September 2017
Science/Engineering Interests: I’m interested in space exploration and increasing our knowledge of the vast universe our tiny planet is in. I am also interested in improving our sustainable energy situation and hope to graduate and enter this field of work.
Motivation: By being a part of the NEUDOSE team, I am able to actively apply my understanding of general physics and science towards something that can help us better understand radiation effects on the human body. 
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sebastian-simic-702684135/

Payload Data and Systems Analysis



Position: Junior Instrument Specialist
Area of Study: Level II Life Sciences, Origins of Diseases
Member Since:  May 2017
Science/Engineering Interests:  I am interested in biology - specifically, human anatomy and human pathology. More recently, I have discovered the fields of medical physics and Nuclear medicine. They represent important aspects of modern medicine and illustrate key applications of the understanding of how particles interact with human tissue. 
Motivation: I joined the team because of my deep fascination for, and love of, space. Growing up, I always enjoyed science fiction and the idea of space exploration. I've long wanted to contribute to Canada's space initiative and this team affords me the opportunity to do just that.
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kyle-jackson-a79a53142


Marina Manoraj

Position: GUI Development Technician
Area of Study: Level II Chemical and Bioengineering
Member Since:  January 2018
Science/Engineering Interests:  I am interested in the application of Engineering processes to benefit health care and create advancements in the medical field. This includes prosthetics, medical imaging, and the manipulation of scientific microorganisms to increase the compatibility of drug delivery and improve the efficiency of human life. Additionally, my interests include space technology and space exploration to observe what is beyond us.
Motivation: NEUDOSE is the cross between science and engineering that allows for hands-on applications and final products that can be used to benefit life off Earth. As someone who has always been interested in space, this team allows me to use my passion to create experiences and learn how to make Canada's space initiative more optimal. As a NEUDOSE member, I can now contribute to the advancements of space understanding myself along with learning through others.
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marina-manoraj-069539144/

Thermal Team



Position: Thermal Specialist, Team Leader
Area of Study: Level IV Physics, minor in Math and Music
Member Since: August 2016
Science/Engineering Interests: Research of computational fluid dynamics and thermodynamics. I am particularly interested in the fluid dynamics of rocket nozzles, and intend to pursue a masters in the field.
Motivation: I love space, and the idea of putting something in space is really exciting. I joined NEUDOSE for the opportunity to help design and build a satellite that would go to space, and to be a part of research that could aid in the exploration of space. Also, it is a fantastic opportunity to be a part of this project as an undergrad, to gain experience in the field I wish to eventually work in.



Position: Thermal Specialist
Area of Study: Level V Physics, minor in Geography and Earth Sciences
Member Since: May 2017
Science/Engineering Interests: I have many interests which, within science at least, can be narrowed down to astrophysics, computational physics, and geography and earth sciences. I am doing my senior thesis in a computational astrophysics topic and in the future would like to  do research involving planetary geology and/or computational astrophysics.
Motivation: I am excited to have the opportunity to participate in a more practical engineering-based project, since often in physics we get caught up in the theory. I am also always excited for new experiences, and the thermal team and NEUDOSE in general is a great opportunity for me to do computational work and to learn new things from the other teams. Also, space is cool.

Alumni Members

Dawson Bonneville

Position: Orbital Analysis Specialist, Team Leader

Member: January 2015 - March 2018


Position: Attitude Control Specialist

Member:  January 2015 - September 2015


Position: Satellite Structure Specialist

Member:  June 2015 - May 2016 


Position: Electrical Power Specialist

Member:  January 2015 - May 2016


Position: Embedded Systems Design Engineer, Software Lead

Member:  September 2015 - May 2017


Position: Director of External Affairs

Member:  January 2015 - October 2015


Position: TEPC Mechanical Specialist

Member:  January 2015 - May 2016


Position: TEPC and Scintillation Specialist

Member:  June 2015 - September 2016


Position: Air Bearing Testbed Testing

Member:  January 2015 - December 2016

Nathan hutten

Position: Ground Station Specialist

Member:  January 2017 - February 2018


Position: Groundstation Specialist

Member:  January 2015 - October 2016


Position: TEPC Electronics Specialist

Member:  June 2015 - May 2016


Position: Electrical Power Specialist

Member:  January 2015 - August 2015


Position: Embedded Systems Engineer

Member:  January 2015 - August 2015

Anthony Mansour

Position: Ground Station Specialist, Team Leader

Member: January 2017 - February 2018

Brian McCrindle

Position: Ground Station Specialist & ADCS Control Systems Specialist

Member: September 2016 - February 2018


Position: ACD Specialist

Member Since:  January 2015 - May 2016

Karanjeet panesar

Position: Ground Station Specialist

Member:  January 2017 - February 2018

Sanjana Raman

Position: Director of Relations
Member Since: September 2017 - May 2018


Position: Satellite Structure Specialist

Member:  January 2015 - May 2015

Amanda Thomas

Position: Junior Electrical Power Specialist

Member: September 2017 - February 2018


Position: TEPC Development Specialist

Member:  January 2015 - January 2016


Position: Communications Specialist

Member:  January 2015 - December 2015