Instrument Team

Kyle Jackson

Position: Junior Instrument Specialist

Area of Study: Level II Life Sciences, Origins of Diseases 

Member Since:  May 2017

Science/Engineering Interests:  I am interested in biology - specifically, human anatomy and human pathology. More recently, I have discovered the fields of medical physics and Nuclear medicine. They represent important aspects of modern medicine and illustrate key applications of the understanding of how particles interact with human tissue. 

Motivation: I joined the team because of my deep fascination for, and love of, space. Growing up, I always enjoyed science fiction and the idea of space exploration. I've long wanted to contribute to Canada's space initiative and this team affords me the opportunity to do just that.



Bhavesh kakwani

Position: Data Acquisition Electronics Specialist

Area of Study: Electrical & Biomedical Engineering Graduate

Member Since:  October 2015

Science/Engineering Interests:  Space-grade electronics, Embedded systems, Control systems, Wearables

Motivation: My love for space was ignited as a child when I read an encyclopedia describing satellites, the planets of the solar system, and our galaxy. I am taken aback by the immensity of the cosmos when I stargaze at night, and I cried tears of joy as I watched the Falcon 9's first successful first-stage landing. We must venture out into the universe and explore and learn: that is the ultimate goal! And when I found out that our university is going to launch a satellite to help fulfill that very goal, I signed up immediately!



alex melnichuk

Position: Instrument ACD Specialist & Electrical Power Specialist

Area of Study: Level IV Electrical Engineering

Member Since:  July 2015

Science/Engineering Interests:  I love learning new things about the world we live in and help develop technologies that better our everyday lives. I have a particular interest in astronautics and the way that electrical and computer engineering could further advance human's ability to explore our solar system.

Motivation: NEUDOSE is a fantastic opportunity for me to explore my passion for all things space. Being a part of a team that could help future space missions (of which I could possibly be an astronaut on) is incredibly exciting.



Chelsea Urquico

Position: TEPC Digital Electronics Specialist

Area of Study: Electrical & Biomedical Engineering Graduate

Member Since:  October 2016

Science/Engineering Interests: Electrical hardware design, IoT integration, biomedical instrumentation

Motivation: Biomedical engineering is all about designing better methods for examining and improving healthcare and the study of human health, and what cooler application is there than being a part of designing an instrument to do just that! NEUDOSE provides an awesome opportunity to learn more about hardware, software and firmware design and apply these skills towards a unique problem, and I'm excited and thankful to be a part of the process!