Groundstation Team


Anthony mansour

Position: Ground Station Specialist, Team Leader

Area of Study: Level IV Process Automation

Member Since:  January 2017

Science/Engineering Interests: Process Automation, Machine Learning, Computer Programming, Robotics, Space Exploration, Radio Communication

Motivation: Ever since I was a kid thrilled by Rubik's cubes, I loved the concept of consistent and efficient algorithms. Nowadays I strive to create the leanest procedure for every repeatable task in my daily life, such as the quickest method to spread peanut butter while maintaining an even surface coverage or the most efficient shoelace tying algorithm. This eventually translated into a passion for physical and digital robots, or pretty much anything that can repeat a process autonomously. So naturally, I was ecstatic when I heard that McMaster NEUDOSE needed a fully autonomous satellite communication ground station that would track and follow satellites across the sky as well as pass data back and forth. It's also such a unique and exciting opportunity to be working in the field of outer space and hopefully one day I'll get to ride a Dragon to Mars.




Position: Groundstation Specialist & ADCS Control Systems Specialist

Area of Study: Level IV Engineering Physics

Member Since:  September 2016

Science/Engineering Interests: It's fascinating to look at the deeper meaning as to why thing are they way they are in the physical world. With that said, I'm interested in the fields of Quantum Physics/ Quantum Computing, Radiation Sciences, Biomedical Engineering, Optics, Control Systems, Space, and much more. 

Motivation: The opportunity to combine my interests of Radiation Sciences and Space was an opportunity I could not pass up on. The NEUDOSE mission is an ambitious, but important project to be tackling. I am motivated to contribute to the team and push the limits of what we know as a society about space and space exploration.what we know as a society about space and space exploration.