Communications Team


Position: Communications Specialist, Team Leader

Area of Study: Electrical & Biomedical Engineering Graduate

Member Since:  January 2015

Science/Engineering Interests:  Sheaf/motivic cohomologies to develop a canonical product of categories over Turing machines, dependently typed Lisp on ARM microcontrollers

Motivation: The NEUDOSE project offers an amazing opportunity to contribute to space exploration and space research. The team also offers engineering perspective and design experience for a future career.


TRENT Dunford

Position: Junior Communications Specialist

Area of Study: Level II Computer Engineering Co-op

Member Since:  September 2017

Science/Engineering Interests: My interests include space technology and research, as well as developing and designing effective, low-cost technical systems. 

Motivation: I enjoy solving complex problems, and NEUDOSE is a great opportunity to solve real problems faced in designing space technology. The NEUDOSE team is composed of smart, driven students that will help further my knowledge of science and technology. 



Aaron pitcher

Position: Antenna and Communications Specialist

Area of Study: Master's Student - Microwave Engineering

Member Since:  September 2016

Science/Engineering Interests: Microwave and millimeter wave hardware design for detection radar and imaging.  Primarily interested in pulse radar systems and frequency sweep radar systems used in concealed weapons detection, non-destructive testing and human tissue imaging.  Also interested in RF Antenna design and communication systems.

Motivation: Science, engineering and the desire to create/do the unthinkable have been the driving factors behind my studies.  The hope is that one day I will contribute to the frontier of deep space exploration and better humanity in the process.  The NEUDOSE team at McMaster provides a great opportunity to apply my research knowledge and contribute to the engineering community, while also providing valuable experiences, playing a critical part in my development as an engineer. 



Daniel tajik

Position: Antenna and Communications Specialist

Area of Study: Master's Student - Electrical and Computer Engineering

Member Since:  February 2017

Science/Engineering Interests: Antenna Design, Microwave imaging

Motivation: Trying to communicate with a small metal box 1000 km up in the sky with a shoestring budget is a challenge that interests me.