Communications Team


Position: Communications Specialist, Team Leader

Area of Study: Electrical & Biomedical Engineering Graduate

Member Since:  January 2015

Science/Engineering Interests:  Sheaf/motivic cohomologies to develop a canonical product of categories over Turing machines, dependently typed Lisp on ARM microcontrollers

Motivation: The NEUDOSE project offers an amazing opportunity to contribute to space exploration and space research. The team also offers engineering perspective and design experience for a future career.


Aaron pitcher

Position: Antenna and Communications Specialist

Area of Study: Master's Student - Microwave Engineering

Member Since:  September 2016

Science/Engineering Interests: Microwave and millimeter wave hardware design for detection radar and imaging.  Primarily interested in pulse radar systems and frequency sweep radar systems used in concealed weapons detection, non-destructive testing and human tissue imaging.  Also interested in RF Antenna design and communication systems.

Motivation: Science, engineering and the desire to create/do the unthinkable have been the driving factors behind my studies.  The hope is that one day I will contribute to the frontier of deep space exploration and better humanity in the process.  The NEUDOSE team at McMaster provides a great opportunity to apply my research knowledge and contribute to the engineering community, while also providing valuable experiences, playing a critical part in my development as an engineer. 



Daniel tajik

Position: Antenna and Communications Specialist

Area of Study: Master's Student - Electrical and Computer Engineering

Member Since:  February 2017

Science/Engineering Interests: Antenna Design, Microwave imaging

Motivation: Trying to communicate with a small metal box 1000 km up in the sky with a shoestring budget is a challenge that interests me.