Canadian Inventions

It’s Canada Day weekend and we like to reflect on the influence Canadians have had in Space. There have been many Canadian heroes that have spent time in space, in the ground station, and in the design room. The NEUDOSE mission team aims to join the roster of great influential Canadian inventions.

The Canadarm: The first Canadian space invention most citizens think of - the robotic arm has had significant influence on operations on the ISS. With 2 generations, the Canadarm is still operational to this day.

Space Greenhouse: University of Guelph’s Mike Dixon and his team have developed 14 hypobaric chambers to study the effects of atmospheric pressure on plant growth.

Apollo landing gear: The legs of the lunar modules that brought the first men to the moon were developed by Quebec’s Heroux-DEVTEK . The light-weight aluminum legs made sure the landing was sufficient to allow Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to leave the module.