The Spherical TEPC

The CNP-TEPC is the main differentiator in the NEUDOSE mission from other CubeSat projects. The instrument reacts differently in ionizing vs non-ionizing radiation. It does this with a combination of the 2 cooperating technologies. The Spherical TEPC (pictured below), which is filled with enriched propane gas to model a human cell , is fabricated using the most recent techniques developed by NASA. It has a wall made of electrically conductive tissue-equivalent plastic.

When this instrument reacts with radiation, an electrical current is triggered through the anode wire sticking out of the poles. If at the same time a reaction occurs in the surrounding Anti-Coincidence Detector (ACD), we will know that we have received charged radiation. If we do not, then it is simply just neutral or non-ionizing radiation. The CNP-TEPC is the primary science payload and is currently being designed to be small enough so it can also potentially fit on the Extravehicular backpack carried by astronauts during spacewalks.