Making our Printed Circuit Boards with Altium software

For many of our subteams at McMaster NEUDOSE, our Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are designed using elite design software supplied from one of our major sponsors, Altium.

This software provides an easy way to create board layouts with 3D views of the final products (shown below). In its interactive routing features, an efficiently spaced circuit board can be designed, then manufactured with ease due to the seamless drawing outputs of the final circuit board designs. To learn more about Altium's design software, check out their software features at

The PCB that Command & Data Handling team have created works as the "brain" of the satellite. Data from the satellite's sensors is filtered, processed, compressed, and then stored to memory.

Photos of Command & Data Handling team's PCB (Left: Isometric top view. Right: bottom view)