Attitude Determination & Control System


Position: Attitude Control Specialist & Electrical Power Specialist, Team Leader

Area of Study: Level V Engineering Physics & Management

Member Since:  January 2015

Science/Engineering Interests: I'm interested in research in current fronts of physics to further advance our understanding of the universe in order to better society. Specifically I hope to specialize in nuclear physics, focusing on the future in fusion processes as well as solar power technology. With any hope I can work on future solar technologies that will have increased efficiencies, making a sustainable world more attainable.

Motivation: My very first interests in science and engineering were sparked by the cosmos and space exploration. I joined NEUDOSE so I could drive my passions in order to assist the team gather information which could further advance the frontier. Getting my hands on an electrical system this early in my education is a great opportunity to learn more about solar power as well as integrated sciences that are applicative in the industry as well as the research sector.


liam flannigan

Position: Determination Specialist

Area of Study: Level IV Engineering Physics

Member Since:  May 2017

Science/Engineering Interests: I am interested in researching bio-compatible robotic prosthetics using my knowledge of nano and micro device fabrication and machine learning. I am also interested in the practical applications of machine learning in physics, as I feel this is an area of study that holds much potential for solving complex physical problems.

Motivation: I've always admired engineers and scientists who work on space related research, as many technological advancements we use every day can be traced back to a space program that built it first. Additionally, one of my personal motivators for studying Engineering Physics in the first place was Carl Sagan. His Cosmos series inspired me to pursue some kind of study of how the universe works, and I arrived at physics as the best option for me. As a result, I felt it only made sense to work on a satellite as a small tribute to the man who got me started in science in the first place.